Short Duration SMA

Launch of strategy: June 1, 2004   |   Account minimum: $250,000

The strategy is designed for investors interested in a shorter maturity profile which targets an allocation of 50% Investment Grade and 50% High Yield securities in one portfolio. A bottom-up approach identifies investment opportunities that represent the most attractive value with strong prospects for consistent income and growth. The overall average credit rating objective is BBB- with a duration target of 3. The portfolio is diversified across 20 – 30 equal weighted issues and generally limited to a maximum of 15% per industry sector.

Liquidity and safety are enhanced by investing only in bonds with an initial issue size generally in excess of $100,000,000. We access over 30 institutional broker/dealers seeking competitive bids and offerings. This trading network provides all of our clients with best pricing. A strict sell discipline is employed within the strategy.