Growth of Capital Through Disciplined Investing

Cincinnati Asset Management (CAM) is a boutique, fixed income manager specializing in U.S. Corporate Bonds. Established in 1989 to build and manage high performance fixed income portfolios for individuals and institutions, our conservative and disciplined approach stresses preservation of capital, diversification and high investment income. The Firm’s investment process concentrates in the U.S. Corporate Bond market and offers solutions to investors which span the entire spectrum of credit quality from Investment Grade to High Yield. In all cases fundamental credit research is a primary element of our portfolio management process. Cincinnati Asset Management has specialized in the management of corporate fixed income securities for their clients for over 28 years. We are an independent investment adviser registered with the SEC and structured as a corporation that is employee owned. The strength of our Firm lies with our niche focus, commitment to our investment process and depth of experience of our Portfolio Teams, Managing Directors and employees.