Cincinnati Asset Management

About us

Cincinnati Asset Management has specialized in the management of fixed income securities for their clients for over 20 years. We concentrate our efforts exclusively in the North America taxable bond market managing a range of strategies from the very conservative to the more opportunistic. In all cases fundamental credit research is a primary element of our security selection process.

Account management

Individual accounts as small as $100,000 ($300,000 for the Broad Market Strategy and $250,000 for the Short Duration Strategy) can enjoy the benefits of professional management.  Each account is structured for the client based on the selected strategy, unlike the mutual fund, which combines every investor's assets.  The CAM client sees their portfolio on a monthly basis; there is no guessing as to what is or is not in the portfolio. Individual attention is given to the individual investor.


CAM offers four strategies for investors' fixed income
allocations of their investment portfolios:

Investment Grade

The portfolio management team employs a "Value" strategy. We purchase bonds that are undervalued but poised to improve, over time, based on our fundamental credit analysis and financial projections. Learn more | Download Brochure.pdf | Strategy Profile.pdf

High Yield

The key to our long-term over-performance is a more conservative strategy that focuses on total return and the minimization of downside in down markets. CAM stresses asset quality and yield relationship-not just yield. Learn more | Download Brochure.pdf | Strategy Profile.pdf | Asset Allocation Perspective.pdf

Broad Market

The third style benefits long term investors by further diversifying their bond portfolios.  Adding a high-yield bond strategy to an investment grade strategy has increased long-term returns while decreasing long term risk and has reduced the adjusted duration of an all investment grade portfolio.  Learn more | Download Brochure.pdf | Strategy Profile.pdf

Short Duration

This Strategy was initiated in the second quarter of 2004 to accommodate those investors seeking to shorten the duration of their portfolios. Learn more | Download Brochure.pdf | Strategy Profile.pdf